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Mobile Solutions for Commercial Fleet Drivers

Safety training and document solutions, accessible from anywhere.

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CDIQ mobile driver training

Driver Safety Training

The Commercial Driver IQ (CDIQ) platform allows drivers and employees to complete supplemental training from anywhere. The CDIQ platform was built from the ground up to meet the needs of the Truck and Transport Industy.

Freight Forms, paperless safety docs logo

Paperless Documentation

Freight Forms puts your companies document library in the palm of your driver’s hand. Users can create, compile and upload documents from anywhere from the convenience of a mobile device. 
SBDIQ Mobile safety training logo

School Bus Driver Training

The School Bus Driver IQ (SBDIQ) platform allows school bus drivers  to complete supplemental and refresher training from anywhere. Put training in the palm of your driver’s hand with SBDIQ.

SBDIQ Driver training, passenger management

Responsive Design

All Ten-Four Solutions apps are built from the ground up with a mobile first approach to ensure the optimal experience on a smartphone or tablet.

Eliminate Downtime

All applications are designed to be utilized from anywhere, eliminating the need to sit at a computer to accomplish a task.

Upload Your Own Content

All applications allow for custom content to be uploaded to ensure your existing material and documents can continue to be used.

Usage Tracking

Supervisors can track employee usage, to ensure training and document completion.

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