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Ten-Four Solutions

Ten-Four Solutions is a Saskatoon Saskatchewan based company created in 2012  to provide mobile training and productivity solutions to the truck and transport industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide mobile solutions to carriers that minimize downtime and cost, while maximizing productivity and driver safety. Our team’s goal is to constantly increase the impact of our mobile solutions, while constantly striving to make the user experience as streamlined and pain free as possible.

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Company Founded

Ten-Four Solutions was founded in June of 2012 and work began immediately on creating a Learning Management System (LMS) that would allow commercial drivers to train from anywhere. One of our founding partners saw first hand how both carriers and drivers disliked the current status quo of office based training.

Training Platform Launch

Initial launch of the Ten-Four Solutions safety training platform, now called Commercial Driver IQ (CDIQ).

Freight Forms Released

Freight Forms was released in 2017 to allow drivers to access their forms and safety documents from the convenience of their mobile devices.