Employee retention is a challenge for any modern business, including those in Truck and Transport. So what can be done to keep employees happy and loyal? Is it possible to not have employees jump ship at the first sign of greener pastures? In this article we will look at several drivers opinions on what they like a carrier to do to keep them putting on the miles for that company.

 “They leave me alone to do my job.” 

 It’s never comfortable to know someone is watching your every move. It’s also not productive to have someone micromanaging your every action. Driver’s are professionals and if properly trained should have every tool at their disposal to do their job properly without outside intervention. Of course this doesn’t mean to give your employees free reign in it’s entirety, but there definitely needs to be balance.

 “The truck and trailers are new.”

 It’s understandable that an employee would have trouble taking pride in his work when his equipment is falling apart. Of course “new” is subjective, and no one is expecting an employer to provide brand new trucks on a yearly basis, nor would that be economical. However, when an employer fixes or replaces equipment before it breaks or completely wears out, employees notice. If the company takes pride in its equipment, so will it’s employees.

 “I’m guaranteed to be home every two weeks.”

 At the end of the day, commercial drivers are just people. People who have families and lives outside of trucking. Being away from that for extended periods can lead to unhappiness. This is the primary reason that a lot of drivers will seek out local jobs, so they can sleep in there own bed every night. Sometimes the logistics of long haul trucking can make it difficult to get all drivers back home in a timely fashion, but if the carrier puts in the effort, drivers will notice.

 “The pay is actually decent.”

 This one really is a no-brainer. If employees feel like they aren’t paid enough for the work they are doing, they will seek greener pastures. This is also includes giving annual pay increases. If employees feel they are stagnating, they will look elsewhere for advancement. Benefits should also be included here. A good health, dental and vision plan is a great incentive to keep employees around. Don’t forget about paid time off as well.

 “They care about my safety.” 

 Being a commercial driver is a hazardous job. A carrier can do a lot to help minimize the risks for its drivers. From supplemental safety training to ensuring equipment is in safe working order. This also includes not expecting your drivers to work while fatigued and drive more than they rightly should. If a carrier puts at least some effort in to showing they care, the employees will notice.

 At the end of the day, drivers like all people just want to be shown they are appreciated and cared about. If they aren’t, they wont hesitate to take their skills to a carrier that does.