Canadian transport minister Mark Garneau has announced that a law will be in place by 2020 requiring electronic logging devices (ELD) in Canadian transport trucks.

“We’re constantly looking at how technology can improve road safety, and electronic stability control and electronic logging devices fit the bill,” said Garneau. “These new measures not only make trucks and buses safer, but they also have a trickle-down effect of making the roads safer for all Canadians.”

Many in the trucking industry have been waiting for an ELD law to be announced, especially with the current ELD mandate in the United States. The announcement has been met with less enthusiasm from groups of owner operators, drivers and small fleets, who still view any ELD requirement as a contentious issue.

“The U.S.’s experience in implementing ELDs has shown us that even with two years to prepare, there will be some in our sector that never choose to comply in time. While we need to be respectful of the transition-time requirements of ELD implementation to businesses and governments, we also must not manage to the lowest common denominator and ensure everybody is fairly complying with the rules.”

ELDs will not be required in Canada until 2020, with existing devices permitted until 2022.