The FMCSA has put to rest any speculation of a delay to it’s ELD mandate. They have confirmed the plan to being enforcing the rule on Dec. 18th of this year.

“We won’t be putting drivers out of service for simply failing to have an ELD, but if they’re not compliant with the hours of service rules or don’t have a paper record that shows that they’re compliant, they’ll continue to be put out of service,” explained Jon Dierberger, field administrator at FMCSA, during TU-Automotive’s Connected Fleets event. “That rule will still remain in effect.”

A last-ditch effort was put fourth in the US house last month to delay the ELD mandate. This effort failed when the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee rejected a proposal that would have cut 2018 funding to enforce the rule. In June, the US Supreme Court also ruled that it would not hear lawsuits against the ELD mandate.

The FMCSA will allow the use of automated onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) for two years, provided they were installed before the Dec. 18 ELD mandate date. If the device malfunctions, it will need to be replaced with an approved ELD.

ELDs must be registered with the FMCSA. Currently, around 80 self-certified devices have been registered with the FMCSA.